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Billing Address:  P.O Box 210, Elkhart, KS 67950 Fax Number:  620-697-2910

General Manager/Grain Merchandiser: Morgan Walls  Office:  620-697- 2135 Cell:  719-353-2445 E-Mail: 

Assistant Manager/Energy Manager:  Kelley Pike Office: 620-697-2135  Cell: 620-453-1596  E-Mail:

Kansas/Oklahoma Operations Manager: Terry Mohl Cell:  620-629-5684  Email:  

Colorado Operations Manager:  Doug Seeman Cell:  719-353-2122  Email: 

Agronomy/Fertilizer:  Andy Dunn cell:   620-544-6316 Email: 
Grain Accounting:  Martha Moodie 620-697-2135  Ext. 13  E-Mail: 

Accounts Payable:  Cherokee Rankin 620-697-2135 Ext. 22  E-Mail:

Accounts Receivable: Kacee Hoskinson 620-697-2135 Ext. 10 E-Mail: 

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