Live Cattle Feb 2021 (REVISED)

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Quant Trading is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Market Analysis.

It should be in every trader's tool box from beginner to professional!

Live Cattle is exhibiting weakness. Our Daily Quant has been in Sell Mode since Tuesday of this week. The Weekly Quant entered sell mode on Friday at the close. It had

been in Buy mode since December 11th 2020.

This is the setup we wait for! When our Daily and Weekly Quants both agree at Friday's settlement it's time to take a position on the open of the next trading session. In this case it's a sell signal. NOTE: Live Cattle will not trade Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Remember: Always use appropriate money management. We have been futures market professionals for 40 plus years and know that the majority of traders don’t like using stops. This is one of many reasons so many people are unsuccessful at the trading game! You can also make use of Put’s or Calls for protection - The Quant Way.

Just do something - Avoid getting caught in a nasty move against you.

Our Quant analysis is easy to follow and implement, just follow the math. You have telephone access to us from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM each and every trading day. Call 847 254-5589. Ask your questions, master our analysis and have a much smoother trading day. Sound Good? I thought it would!

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